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February 13


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Lets have some Valentines Day cheer

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 12:00 PM
Hello everyone!

For those who were keeping up I managed to get my stuff removed from that site. Which was a relief.  I know I rarely ever write here, probably because I am often at a loss as to why anyone would want to read it *grin*.  Anyways, I hope all of you my dear watchers are going to have a wonderful Valentines Day!  In honor of that I'm doing a feature of things that caught my eye! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Tyto alba by Skia Wishing On A Dream by Shedboy68Zarina Mightingale / my first manga or anime girl by kitka97Here's Wolfie.................... by pjenzAlone 2-12-14 by Tailgun2009Sarlat apres la pluie - Watercolor painting by nicolasjolly[RS] Clean-up Time by MirageMyuuTell me your Secrets by Aeternum-ArtCircus by AquaSixioEnchanted Forest.. by J-u-d-a-sKat - Commission by revoisWhat A Wonderful World V by Tigles1ArtistryButterfly by StarsColdNightThose Hollow Eyes by DamaiMikazLake Lagoon by vee-kay<da:thumb id="206722755"/>Land of Dreams by RankaStevicBlack Forest by x-bossie-boots-xNature de l'ame by SILENTJUSTICEBlack Feather by Phantom-AkikoPhoenix by peroni68After difficult fight by AkanateyaMoonDust by juuhanna_ANTIGODESS_ by NiAnluain Moonlight Dancer by Pygar<da:thumb id="432871855"/>Silver Moonlight by PrincessMagicalAurora by Marazul45Dragon Lady by Phatpuppyart-StudiosFriendship by ziggy90lisaRebirth on fire by ElenaDudinaBears by ForestGirl|| 020214 || by KingDarkSoulMagic Mirror by Ariel87Kushina by Akanateyafire by Vin-DunkelheitThe Pirate, Mary Read by TonyGCampagnaup and up it goes - UPDATE by ApofissI Ching 24 - Fu (Returning) by annewipfMountain Range by JKRootsS p a r k l y by M-0-N-0Swan dans by CindysArtHappy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-SouzaBeauval Zoo by Morphine-CloudHappy Shark by adamrobertsdesignsUnknown by Dani-Owergoor<da:thumb id="421642728"/>Lone Survivor by The--KyzaLiquid by SurehuinelTimeless Hope by T00xicpandaUnderwater Dance by Vayne172013 Halloween by MaxAmphetaTiger Man by LaurentAlainT E M P T A T I O N by MirellaSantanaStone Portals by nilTrace24 LoL by LouieLorryThe Librarian's Retreat by jerry8448Prince of sea by derrickSongA Foreign Princess by JinxMim
Pilgrimage to the Moon by llamacriaSomething buried... by Aeternum-Art<da:thumb id="422962085"/>Aquatic Slidewalk by Samuel-NordiusMake a wish by SolracSevlaThe Swan Thieves by ChristabelleLAmortA small trouble by Iskander1989Hope by RazielMBAngel of Death by vampirekingdomWar Commander by KiriyaArcane-Symbols by EnchantedWhispersArtLotL - Bleakwood Bear by SpikingsBe my king by vimarkGolden fish 1 by FadwaAngelaMoonlight by tryskellCM: Meri Portrait - color by juuhannaTemple by dustycrosley
The Luck Uglies by petura
Lit Feature:
The Ones We LostI couldn't save you from your fate
A fate no hands could break
But in vain... I tried
Now I stand beside you
A broken statue
And inside I cry... I cry
As I stare in shock
As I blame the heavens I've denied
I scream to the fresh void inside
Hoping for a answer as to why
Hoping for a reason you've lost your light
But I hear nothing... nothing
I couldn't save you from your fate
A fate that you made
But in vain... I tried
As I stare in shock,
As I blame your stubborn pride,
I scream: WHY?!

EndingsWe're all just stories in the end,
We're all just waiting to begin,
We're all just hoping to be written.
We're all just waiting for a sign,
A symbol of our time to end,
Our days numbered in the end.  
We're all just stories in the end,
We're all just dying to begin,
Our stories shall unfold to us in the end.
OaisisShe is an Oasis of life giving water
Lush lovely flowers at her banks
She is an Eden amongst the desert Wasteland
She is an Angel that never asks for thanks
Her eyes shine brightly like burning stars
when she looks at me Its like she sees into my soul
She brings out the very best in me allowing it to grow
Her smile spreads like a rainbow across my worlds sky
Her voice burns within my blood
The most amazing music
the most calming lullaby
When i met her my whole world changed
like all of existence rearranged
it looks the same but its not
and she's at the center of all the changes ive got
FracturedHush angel,
don't say a word.
Hold your breath love,
it might break.
Don't blink sweetheart,
you might miss it.
Listen, darling, and maybe you'll hear,
the sound of a breaking heart.
<da:thumb id="430966447"/>

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